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Frequently Asked Questions in Mining, Kenya

Answering extractive most relevant questions

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The Mining Gallery has been actively engaging with the public through random calls, under the initiative ‘Public Queries,’ to understand their perceptions regarding mining in Kenya. This outreach has elicited significant interest, with many individuals expressing enthusiasm for the conversation. It’s evident that there is a multitude of questions arising from these interactions, and our team has diligently compiled these inquiries

If I found a mineral in my backyard, is it mine?

In Kenya, the ownership of minerals found in private properties, including backyards, belongs to the Government of Kenya and is managed on their behalf by the Ministry of Mining. To mine these minerals, obtaining a mining license or permit is required

How do I apply for a mining licence in Kenya?

The Ministry of Mining, Blue Economy, and Maritime Affairs has launched an online portal called the Mining Cadastre, which serves as the starting point for most application processes related to licenses and permits. Recently, this portal has been made accessible to the public for submitting applications and renewals for various licenses and permits in these sectors

Is mining safe/Legal?

Mining can be made safe or dangerous activity, unfortunately Due to the latter case, previous unregulated mining activities in Kenya, the sector experienced numerous incidents as portrayed by the media, However, with the increasing professionalization and formalization within the industry, many of these incidents have been decreasing. Implementing proper procedures, involving qualified professionals, and employing mechanization techniques are pivotal steps in ensuring safety within the mining sector

Is there Gold in Kenya?

Yes, Kenya possesses a considerable amount of gold. Artisanal and small-scale gold miners produce an average of 6 tons of gold annually. Notable gold mining areas include Migori, Kakamega, Siaya, Turkana, Vihiga, and Narok counties. Additionally, there are smaller-scale operations such as Kilimapesa in Narok and Karebe in Nandi.


If I want to buy precious stones and Gold what would I need?

To buy or trade in precious metals and stones, an individual needs to apply for a minerals dealer’s license. This license is typically obtained through the Ministry of Mining via the Mining Cadastre and generally costs around KES 20,000. Once the license is acquired, the individual can procure minerals either directly from mines or from designated purchasing centres such as the Voi Gemstone Centre.

How do I know whether my Land has Minerals or not?

Identifying mineral-rich areas often involves visible signs of mining activity or disruption. However, seeking expertise from geologists and mining engineers is crucial for accurate assessments. These professionals can evaluate an area for quantifiable mineral resources. The Mining Gallery Africa can provide reliable referrals to such experts. The cost of their services varies between KES 15,000 and 100,000, depending on the location and size of the area.

The Mining Gallery is committed to illuminating the diverse perspectives that drive the industry daily. We extend a warm welcome to entrepreneurs and professionals to enrich the sector. Our aim is to serve as a beacon of positivity, connecting you with industry experts. Together, let’s revitalize and elevate the mining sector.

For any inquiries, reach out to us at info@themininggalleryafrica.com

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