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Kenya Mining Week 2023

Unleashing Potential and Building Sustainable Partnerships

by Gillian Becky
Kenya Mining Week


Kenya Mining Week: Expo & Conference is just around the corner, and the excitement is perceptible as industry experts, stakeholders, and mining enthusiasts prepare to gather at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Upper Hill, Nairobi. From Monday, the 17th to Thursday, the 20th, the event promises three days of insightful discussions, presentations, and networking opportunities, followed by Gold and Gemstone Mine Tours. With a diverse program covering topics ranging from mining investments to gold and gemstones, this event aims to unlock the potential of Kenya’s mining sector and foster sustainable partnerships for development. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of each day and what attendees can expect.

Day 1: Kenya Mining Investment Forum (Monday, 17th)

The first day kicks off with the Kenya Mining Investment Forum, where the focus is on leveraging growing global demands for minerals to accelerate Kenya’s development. The focus will be on leveraging growing global demands for minerals to accelerate Kenya’s development. Experts will deliver presentations on creating an attractive mining jurisdiction in Kenya, highlighting the vast opportunities available for investors. Attendees will have ample time to network and exchange insights during the coffee/tea breaks and enjoy a sumptuous lunch.

Day 2: Gold Convention (Tuesday, 18th)

Day two of Kenya Mining Week is dedicated to the Gold Convention. Presentations will shed light on a revolutionary approach to leveraging partnerships for ASM Gold Sector Growth. Experts will discuss the social, economic, and environmental perspectives of the gold mining sector in Africa. Attendees will participate in discussions on technology, access to formal finance, co-existence, collaboration, strengthening mining policies, and regulatory frameworks. The day will conclude with a captivating session on recycled gold and its role in shaping the future of the jewelry industry.

Day 3: Gemstones Summit (Wednesday, 19th)

The Gemstones Summit takes center stage on the final day of the conference, focusing on driving investments in gemstone-rich areas through sustainable partnerships. Industry leaders will candidly evaluate the bottlenecks to such investments while emphasizing the importance of creating shared value and responsibility across the African gemstone value chain. Attendees will gain valuable insights into sound strategies for investing in gemstone-rich communities and the role of responsible mining practices.

Day 4: Gold and Gemstone Mine Tours (Thursday, 20th)

The Kenya Mining Week doesn’t end with conferences. On Thursday, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in Gold and Gemstone Mine Tours, gaining firsthand experience of mining operations in Kenya. These tours will provide a unique opportunity to witness the mining processes, understand the challenges, and explore the immense potential of Kenya’s gold and gemstone resources.


Kenya Mining Week is set to be a pivotal event in the mining industry, providing a platform for valuable discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities. The program’s diverse topics, ranging from mining investments to gold and gemstones, highlight the sector’s immense potential in driving economic growth and sustainable development in Kenya. As stakeholders gather to foster partnerships, exchange ideas, and explore innovative solutions, Kenya Mining Week promises to be an event that will shape the future of the mining industry in Kenya and beyond.

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